Rémi Meyer - Scientific photographer artist

SIRET : 900 253 840 00012

Website : Harold George - L’Imaginarium du net

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Art for Science

Although artistic creation based on my scientific know-how is a major pillar in my work, research work and especially laboratory life remain for me major subjects of interest and inexhaustible sources of curiosity.

My expertise of the research territory - in terms of technical language (in French and in English), conventions and know-how - and my artistic eye are two assets forming a unique joint expertise that naturally specializes me in the field of scientific illustration.

This is why I offer my artist's eye to various scientific and academic actors, in order to highlight their work, their productions and their staff.

In addition to the aesthetic quality of the images, I also privilege the realism of the scene that I photograph, so that the final photo reflects a true research situation and has a scientific sincerity.

Based in Besançon (25), I am able to radiate at the national level, even European.