Rémi Meyer - Scientific photographer artist

SIRET : 900 253 840 00012

Website : Harold George - L’Imaginarium du net

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Science for Art

Artistic research

The painter has his brushes and arranges the pigments on the surface of his canvas.
The musician has his instruments and plays with sounds in time.
I have my optics and I manipulate the path of light in space.

My adventure in the world of research has taught me a know-how of shaping laser light, based on a great rigor of precision, meticulousness and understanding of the phenomena at play.

Thanks to the theoretical as well as practical mastery of the tools used in scientific and technical research, I’m creating today during periods of residency in the laboratory.

In an optical laboratory, light is dissected and studied and each of its properties is taken into consideration. This is the core of my interest: to study light as a sensitive material for artistic research by considering it from all angles.