Rémi Meyer - Scientific photographer artist

SIRET : 900 253 840 00012

Website : Harold George - L’Imaginarium du net

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Research works

For my PhD and post-doc contracts, I’ve been working as a researcher at the FEMTO-ST Institute (UMR 6174) in Besançon, France, belonging to the French National Agency (CNRS) and the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté University.

My main topic was about physical phenomena at play during laser-matter interaction especially in the case of transparent materials (glass, sapphire, diamond…) interacting with ultrashort pulses (typ. 100 fs, i.e. 1/100 000 000 000 000th of a second)

I concepted, built and exploited a complex experiment made of more than a hundred of optical elements (and worth more than a million euro). This whole assembly acted as an ultrafast and super-high-resolution imaging system (1 frame every 3 fs = 3 quadrillions FPS; 22 nm/pixel). This setup allowed me to record on-site the sequence of events happening during the laser-matter interaction, and in particular the laser-induced plasma.

We experimentally demonstrated that this plasma is much denser than what the scientific community thought until then and we set a new milestone in the laser-matter interaction model.

I established in another experimental works of mine a new world record in the race to high performance laser cutting of material: using a 1 cm-long laser-saber shaped beam (Bessel beam) we achieve a single laser pass cleaving of a 10 mm-thick glass plat

For more information, my PhD manuscript is available here (pdf here). It is quite accessible for non-specialists, but it is written in French, unfortunately for English speaker… let be DeepL your friend !

As a complement, all my scientific publications are available in English on my Google Scholar profile.