Rémi Meyer - Scientific photographer artist

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Website : Harold George - L’Imaginarium du net

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University years

After my baccalaureate, I started a degree in physics with the ambition to become an astrophysicist, an ambition already cultivated during many years. However, during the years of my degree, my meetings with different researchers of the University of Franche-Comté in Besançon made me more and more curious about the world of optics.

I then turned to a research master's degree in Photonics, micro & nanotechnologies and time-frequency, during which I explored phenomena related to light and confirmed a new ambition: I wanted to join the CNRS as a research fellow.

In the pursuit of my end-of-study project, I am entering a thesis on the very high-resolution imaging of laser-plasma interaction in transparent media, in particular during glass cutting processes using femtosecond laser pulses.

With my PhD degree in hand, I began the series of post-doctoral contracts necessary to obtain a permanent position at the CNRS, while continuing my thesis work at the FEMTO-ST Institute.

First scientific photographic explorations

In parallel to my research work, I have spent many hours since the beginning of my thesis trying to capture through photography the elegance of the light propagating from one optic to another and the fascinating shapes it can take during the spatial shaping of the beams.

These beginnings of the work I am doing today quickly revealed their potential, obtaining a very positive reception from the community and first recognitions in scientific journals (covers of Nature magazines, competition prizes...).

Artistic migration

Realizing that my career path in the academic world would inexorably move me away from experimental work as I got closer to a permanent position, I decided in 2020 to leave the path that had been laid out for me.

I then set up as a photographic artist, with the aim of pursuing full-time experimental work at the border between Art and Science. This is how the project From Science to Image was born, reflecting my path and illustrating the creative process I am pursuing.

As a scientific artist-photographer, I have spent 15 years in photography and 10 years in the world of research, with the dual aim of using the scientific tool for artistic research and showing science through the eyes of an artist who has experienced science from the inside.