Rémi Meyer - Scientific photographer artist

SIRET : 900 253 840 00012

Website : Harold George - L’Imaginarium du net

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Artistic research residency in a laboratory

Since March 2021, I am hosted in artistic research residency in the optics department of the FEMTO-ST Institute, CNRS, in Besançon, in agreement with the University of Burgundy-Franche-Comté (UBFC).

I explore the close relationship that humans have with light. Whether it is a simple object of daily lighting, a medium of information, a tool of communication, or a subject of research on its behavior, light is intrinsically present in each of our lives. 

The first product of this residency, the Kaustikos Project (2021), is concerned with the question of light and the space in which it propagates.

The other aspect that is dear to my heart is the singularity of optical researchers who, through their tools, techniques, gestures or their varied environments, are in my eyes true artisans working in the shadows of their experimental rooms.