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Kaustikos Project (2021)

Kaustikos is the Greek word (καυστός) for that which is fiery, that which burns. Kaustikos (caustic) is also the word by which crossings of light rays are designated, as a continuous crowd of curved foci.

Everyone has already experienced fortuitous caustics: at the bottom of a cup in the form of a sort of heart, at the bottom of a swimming pool as luminous filaments, or on the tablecloth of an outdoor lunch where the sun's rays dance in strange shapes under a glass…

… however, on my side, I invoke these caustics in a controlled way and I explore in the Kaustikos project the opportunity of a new experience of reality by making contact between the white light of a multicolored laser and a multitude of optical elements sculpting its path. In contact with the glass, the light is twisted and distorted, textured and fragmented, and takes on a unique identity, which I capture with the camera.

Between deep blacks where the light is absent, and saturated gradations where each color is exposed, it is a whole universe of volume that opens up, in which the imagination can freely express itself.

Kaustikos is a series of laser photomorphisms, realized during a creative research residency in Besançon at the Department of Optics of the FEMTO-ST Institute, CNRS, and the University of Burgundy Franche-Comté.